Without an understanding of what it truly means to build a personal brand, we can be mislead into believing that we need a certain list to effectively build a personal brand, only to overwhelm ourselves in the process. 

There are things you need and others you don’t need to start building a personal brand.

Here are the things you think you need…

  • A fancy degree
  • A fancy job title
  • World class experiences
  • The most expensive clothes 
  • To be a six figure earner

Here are the things you actually do need…

🔹️Clarity in your foundation (your skills, talents, knowledge, values, etc.)

🔹️A specific personal branding goal

🔹️A strategy to achieve this goal

🔹️Determination and willingness to do the work 

& the most important thing 


A personal brand is a long-term investment with the potential to produce various results as you change, grow and your ambitions evolve. 

It requires you to start with what you have, remain consistent and be open to adapt and adjust as your ambitions evolve.

Focus on what really matters and you’ll be blown away by what you can accomplish.

A personal brand built the right way should:

🔹️ Be the outlet to share your strengths, values, skills, talents and knowledge 

🔹️ Aim to establish your expertise (what people know and can expect)

🔹️Give you control over your own story and how others will perceive you

🔹️ Help you attract desired opportunities (whether for employment, business or otherwise)

🔹️ Help in building genuine relationships with others

Your personal brand is meant to create visibility and attract attention 

Without visibility and attracting the right attention, it will be hard to get the opportunities you deserve.

Here are 5 Visibility Strategies for Immigrant Women to increase visibility as you work to build your personal brand. 

I’m rooting for you!



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