One of the biggest myths about Personal Branding is that it has a personality type attached to it.

And that personality is that of an extrovert.

This is furthest from the truth. 

Introverts can build strong personal brands too.

But the above is an accepted myth simply because the idea of Personal Branding is sold in such a superficial way. 

The worst form of Personal Branding is that which;

  • imitates another person’s personal brand
  • is built on false messaging  
  • has no clear or attainable goal
  • is not aligned with your own values

Your personal brand is YOU, irrespective of your personality type. It’s people’s perception of who you are…also irrespective of personality type.

Every personal brand must;

➡ have its own goal/goals

➡ be built on a solid foundation (includes your own values, skills, beliefs, etc)

➡ convey a unique and authentic message (your positioning)

Personal branding isn’t a one size fits all nor meant only for a particular personality type. 

It’s about communicating your VALUE and should be uniquely and authentically YOU.

I’m rooting for you!



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