Personal branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable

– John Jantsch

We already know for certain that our personal brands must be a true reflection of who we are. Also that it extends beyond just a means of marketing ourselves but more to how we appear to the world.

Then how can we best present ourselves to the world so that we are understood, our skillset becomes known, our personal values are clear and people know us for what truly makes us unique.

A great way to accomplish this is by identifying and understanding your best personal brand ‘persona’.

There are 6 personas that a 2011 New York Times article identified as the main types. These are:

Altruist – Altruist personal brands are recognized for their commitment to helping others, whether by educating or charity work. They are also mindful of their personal relationships.

Boomerangs – This personal branding type is controversial and provocative. It’s not always about agreeing with an idea but rather creating controversy.

Careerists – This type of personal brand is known to prefer professional advancement above other personal achievements. They are considered thought leaders in their industries.

Connectors – These personal brand types bring people together and build communities. They find enjoyment in validating others and are often creative.

Hipsters – This type of personal brand likes to try things first and then share with others. This type combines aspects of altruism and careerists and is keen on new and trendy.

Selective – Personal brands that follow this type of personal branding are resourceful and focus on sharing information for specific audiences

Through self-analysis, you can determine which of the above best aligns with how you wish to share information, how you wish to communicate your values and overall how you want to be known by others.

What will you be known for?

Who will like you based on what you are known for?

Will they trust you?

Let’s look at an example:

Below 6 people share about personal finance and these are typical of what they share or how they are known by others and what people can expect from them.

Person 1: Shares information such as how to better budget or save and aligns with non-profits that provide help in these areas etc. [Altruist]

Person 2: Speaks on how to better invest and position themselves as an industry leader in finance [Careerist]

Person 3: Shares about things such as a new budgeting app or savings app they have tried before [Hipster]

Person 4: Always flips the script on ideas and seeks to lean toward controversy or provocative thoughts on personal finance [Boomerang]

Person 5: Brings the experts to the people, or regular people together to build a community around ideas or best practices re personal finance [Connector]

Person 6: Focuses on single mothers and how they can better manage their finances to lead a better and more affordable life [Selective]

While individuals may share a multitude of things that can encompass all of the above, at the end of the day, based on one’s personality and values there will be one personal branding type that will be consistent.

That will be what is expected, how people relate to this individual and what they are known for, why they are liked and why they are trusted.

To turn the focus back to you…

Personal branding types connect your personality to your personal brand in the best way possible with much ease. It’s how your personal brand separates you from others and building your personal brand effectively and authentically will allow you to become a standout figure that people knowlike and trust.

Here’s a quick task for you…

Which statement best describes you?

  1. You like to help others with their problems
  2. You prefer to create a space to build your own career
  3. You enjoy telling others about this new thing you have tried and you always try things out before sharing this with others
  4. You like to question things with hopes of engaging others
  5. You are always happy and ready to introduce people you know should know each other
  6. You focus on specific things and share with only a specific group

When you show up at work or online, which of the above statements best describes you….are you an altruist, a boomerang, a hipster, a careerist, a connector or a selective?

Take 10 – 15 minutes to think on the above statements. It will help guide your personal brand tone and overall how you communicate and position your brand.

Knowing what best describes you will shed some light on your personality and your tone.

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All the best 🙂