Hey You! I’m Nordia Bogle

My passion is helping people achieve their full potential!

You are more than capable and truly are amazing. Own all parts of who you are, always believe you have everything in you to do more and be more! Stand boldly in all that you are, all that you have accomplished and all that you have to offer this world. Brag on yourself and bring recognition to your skills and talents to attract the opportunities you deserve.

Here’s my story!

In 2016, after resigning from what I had initially thought was a ‘dream job’, I did a personal audit of my career journey thus far and decided that in order to relaunch my career, there were many things I would need to do differently. One of my many positive beliefs about myself is that I know I already possess the skills, talents and qualifications to attract the job opportunities I deserve, even if those who share the space do not believe I do.

I knew I needed a clear plan, it meant taking steps that were scary, but I overcame my fears and did it anyway. That resignation became the catalyst I needed to step into a greater purpose, increase my knowledge, build new connections and create visibility for myself to achieve career success. Therefore, I created a Career Plan that led to me becoming an immigrant woman in Canada.

A Journey of both Personal and Professional Growth…

I started graduate school in Canada in January 2018, a journey that brought both personal and professional growth. Within the first 3 years of living in Canada, I discovered that launching your career as an immigrant woman presents a number of struggles. Immigrant women face a greater chance of joblessness and an even greater chance of being underemployed for years. I was determined to not have this be my fate. During my studies, it was effective career planning that made it possible to utilize the skills, knowledge and experiences I had already acquired to land a great role in one of Canada’s largest banks earning an hourly rate 80% higher than the minimum hourly wage. 

Its up to you if you wish to believe it or not, but our skills will corrode if we do not use them. Whether we are underemployed, feeling stuck or unfulfilled in our current roles, there is always an opportunity to redefine success and create a different career path. 

I spent the earlier years of my career waiting for the right time and the right role, but my resignation in 2016 also served as my ‘aha moment’. It brought on the realization that we can always chart a new path, redefine success, relaunch our careers and achieve career success irrespective of geographical location. To discover what’s possible and to achieve so much more, you need a clear plan and to be unafraid to take risks. One of my favorite quotes that keeps me motivated and driven is by Abraham Lincoln who said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” and you can only do so by taking the step to achieving the things you desire. 

“Make a decision about the life you want, your professional path and the adventures that interest you…then go in pursuit of it all!”

Why Work With Me?

Because from experience I know the feelings associated with having:

  • To stand in your truth and step away from roles and situations that no longer serve you personally or professionally.
  • To take the risks and to choose to take a step even when the entire journey is not clear.
  • To not let being unrecognized for your capabilities and accomplishments stop you from wanting and demanding more for your life

I discovered that success comes from taking bold steps and showing up for yourself. It means you have to work to be recognized for the value you have to offer.

If you are ready to take action, let’s work together. 

Qualifications & Expertise


  • Adult Leadership & Development
  • Personal Brand Development & Strategy
  • Workshop Planning & Management


    • MEd. Administration & Leadership
    • BSc. Psychology