Hey You! I’m Nordia Bogle

My passion is helping Others Unlock their full potential  to achieve remarkable results!

Embrace every aspect of yourself, always believing in your boundless potential to achieve and excel! Stand confidently in your accomplishments, proudly showcasing your skills and talents to attract the opportunities you truly deserve. It’s time to celebrate your achievements and make the world take notice of what you bring to the table.

My Transformative Journey!

In 2016, I made the courageous decision to resign from what I had once considered my “dream job.” It was a pivotal moment that prompted me to reflect on my career path and realize the need for a fresh approach. Recognizing my own worth and potential, I held firm in the belief that my existing skills, talents, and qualifications were more than enough to attract the opportunities I deserved, even when others doubted me.

Armed with this conviction, I embarked on a journey of personal reinvention. Despite the fear that accompanied each step, I pushed through and embraced the unknown. That resignation became the catalyst for discovering a higher purpose, expanding my knowledge, forging valuable connections, and establishing a visible presence in my pursuit of career success. As a result, I embarked on my new journey as an immigrant woman thriving in Canada.

My story is one of resilience and the unwavering belief that our abilities can transcend any obstacle. By rewriting the narrative and embracing change, I unlocked a new chapter filled with endless possibilities.


My journey began in January 2018 when I started graduate school in Canada. It was a period marked by personal and professional growth. However, as an immigrant woman, I soon became aware of the unique challenges we face when launching our careers. Statistics showed higher rates of joblessness and prolonged periods of underemployment for individuals like myself. I was determined to break free from this narrative. Through effective career planning, I leveraged my existing skills, knowledge, and experiences to secure a great role in one of Canada’s leading banks, earning an hourly rate 80% higher than the minimum wage.

It may be hard to believe, but our skills can deteriorate if left unused. Whether we find ourselves underemployed, stuck, or unfulfilled in our current roles, there is always an opportunity to redefine success and forge a new career path.

In the earlier years of my career, I found myself waiting for the perfect timing and ideal role. However, my pivotal resignation in 2016 became an “aha moment” that shattered those misconceptions. It revealed that we can always chart a different course, redefine our measures of success, relaunch our careers, and achieve remarkable results, regardless of our geographic location. To unlock what’s truly possible and attain greater heights, we need a clear plan and the courage to take calculated risks. One quote that resonates deeply with me is by Abraham Lincoln, who famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Only by taking that first step can we turn our desires into reality. Together, let’s embrace change, seize opportunities, and craft a future that exceeds our wildest aspirations.

“Make a decision about the life you want, your professional path and the adventures that interest you…then go in pursuit of it all!”

Here’s Why You Should Work With Me.

I understand the profound emotions that arise when you:

  • Embrace your authenticity and walk away from roles or situations that no longer align with your personal or professional growth.
  • Embrace uncertainty and courageously take steps forward, even when the entire journey seems unclear.
  • Refuse to let the lack of recognition for your abilities and achievements hinder your desire to strive for more in life.

Through personal experience, I have learned that true success stems from taking daring leaps and advocating for yourself. It entails diligently working towards gaining recognition for the unique value you bring.

If you are prepared to take decisive action, I am here to join forces and support you on this transformative journey. Together, let’s unlock your potential and achieve remarkable results.

Qualifications & Expertise


  • Adult Leadership & Development
  • Personal & Executive Brand Development & Strategy
  • Program Design
  • Workshop Planning & Management


    • MEd. Administration & Leadership
    • BSc. Psychology